Welcome to the surprising and delightful world of Freeze-Dried Skittles. This new confectionery innovation takes the beloved classic candy and catapults it to a whole new level of enjoyment.

By freeze drying this colorful candy, the texture is radically transformed, resulting in a crunchy, airy bite that still retains the intense fruity flavors Skittles are renowned for.

Come, join us as we explore the inventive and mouth-watering world of the best freeze dried Skittles on the market.

Quick Top 6! #1. Primary Colors Candy, #2. PURA Parcel, #3. Serenity Farmz, #4. Freeze Dried USA, #5. Flash Food, #6. Starr Mountain!
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Freeze Dried Skittles

How Mothers Best Buys Chooses The Best Freeze Dried Candy

At Mothers Best Buys, my mission is to provide our customers with only the best products—the freeze-dried Skittles arena is no exception. I recognize that our clientele wants more than just a sugary treat; they seek a perfect balance of taste and texture and a joyous munch for both children and adults. I tackle this challenge with a meticulous selection process.

My first criteria is taste. I sample a range of brands to ensure that anybody biting into these Skittles experiences a burst of familiar fruitiness despite the change in texture. Second, I pay keen attention to the 'crunch'! The freeze-drying process should result in a satisfying, crisp bite every time.

Freeze Dried Skittles Original 3.5oz

Our Best Choice Dried Skittles

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Why Kids Love These

Freeze Dried Skittles, offered by Cryo Crunch. Each pack weighs 3.5 oz. These Skittles are freeze-dried, delivering an immense crunch and flavor that melt in your mouth, unlike standard chewy candy. The product is made in the USA and lasts with the same freshness up to 25 years, thanks to the freeze-drying process.

These qualify as a vegan candy, free from nuts, berries, soy, gluten, and gelatin. The manufacturer ensures authenticity, employing Skittles directly from the factory. Ideal for gifts, on the go snacking or late-night study snacks, this product offers a next-gen exotic candy adventure.

Interestingly, Freeze dried candy is a current popular sensation on TikTok, so go ahead and get involved.

My Favourite Feature!

My favorite feature is the intense crunchiness and an unmatched, long-lasting freshness for up to 25 years.

Pura Parcel Freeze Dried Skittles (10 oz) in Resealable Bag

Best Dried Skittles For Snacks

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Why Kids Love These

The Pura Parcel Freeze Dried Skittles come in a resealable 10 oz bag. These candies offer the ultimate crunchy experience with an amplified fruity burst, successfully transforming the chewy classic Skittles into a revolutionary crunch sensation. They are the perfect pick for snacking and mixing into other treats and make unique gifts.

The expertly crafted resealable bag ensures on-the-go convenience while maintaining the Skittles' irresistible crispiness. Despite the change in the texture, these freeze-dried Skittles preserve the authentic essence of the original flavor. Moreover, these treasures are gluten-free, providing indulgence with peace of mind.

My Favourite Feature!

My favorite feature is the generous 10 oz portion, packaged in a resealable bag that guarantees continual crunchiness and amplified fruity flavor anytime and anywhere you need a snack.

Serenity Farmz Freeze Dried Skittlez Puff Candy Hand Crafted Small Farm 3.2 oz

Best Rainbow Dried Skittles

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Why Kids Love These

Serenity Farmz offers 3.2 oz bags of hand-crafted freeze-dried Skittlez Puff Candy made using 2023 technology to intensify the rainbow of flavors. These indulgent treats pack an extraordinary crunch, delivering a delightful candy experience, unlike the original Skittlez.

With a money-back guarantee, this irresistible snack is perfect for any occasion, adding excitement and intensity to the classic taste of Skittlez. Please note it's not a sugar-free or ultra healthy option but a tempting delight for those seeking a unique candy adventure.

My Favourite Feature!

My favorite feature is the expertly hand-crafted 3.2 oz bags of Freeze Dried Skittlez Puff Candy, which use advanced technology to retain the flavors.

Freeze-Dried USA Skittles Candy (8 oz) - Original Fruity Flavors

Best Flavorful Dried Skittles

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Why Kids Love These

Freeze Dried USA delivers a reimagined snacking experience with their Freeze-Dried Skittles. Bursting with original fruity flavors and offering a satisfying crunch, these 8oz gluten-free candies are recognized for their vibrant colors and tangy taste.

They make a perfect on-the-go snack, a fun treat to share, or a novel topping for mixed drinks and ice cream. Using a unique freeze-drying process, they retain the delight of Skittles in a fresh, exciting, and flavorful form.

My Favourite Feature!

My favorite feature is the innovative freeze-drying process that maintains the original fruity flavors and vibrant colors of Skittles.

Muncheeze Freeze Dried Skittles (8oz)

Best Assorted Freeze Dried Candies

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Why Kids Love This

Muncheeze Freeze Dried Skittles are an 8oz packet of gourmet, crispy candy with assorted fruity flavors from the original rainbow mix. Each bite delivers an intense burst of flavor thanks to Muncheeze's special freeze-drying process.

The result is an intriguing contrast to the usual chewy texture of Skittles, adding a delightful crunch. Perfect as an on-the-go snack, a movie night treat, or as an inventive addition to your baking projects. Packaged in compact pouches for convenience, they are suitable for all occasions.

My Favourite Feature!

My favorite feature is the meticulously processed to increase crunch while maintaining the original fruity burst of flavors.

Freeze Dried Skittles SUPER CRUNCHY Choose your Flavor (Original)

Best Crunchy Dried Skittles

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Why Kids Love These

The Freeze Dried Skittles product provides a unique, super crunchy take on the original Skittles candy. This product presents a fun choice of flavors, providing the original Skittles candy's taste with an added pleasing crispiness, thanks to freeze-drying.

It weighs around 4 ounces and is described as light. This product stands out from typical candy options with its distinct texture and delicious fruity flavors, offering a delightfully different candy snacking experience.

My Favourite Feature!

My favorite feature is their super crunchy texture, providing a delightful twist to the classic Skittle candy experience, while retaining their original, vibrant flavors.

Why Parents Love These Freeze Dried Skittles

Parents love to give their kids these Freeze Dried Skittles because they make a great snack for many reasons.

  • The crunchy texture and bold fruit flavors are a hit with children, making snack time enjoyable and exciting.
  • These Skittles come in small, convenient packages which allow parents to easily decrease quantity or increase quantity to control portion sizes based on their child's nutritional needs.
  • The resealable bag ensures the remaining Skittles still remain crunchy and fresh for next time. This, coupled with the brand's thoughtful freeze-drying process, helps parents provide a balanced and delightful snack option to suit their household.
How to Make Freeze Dried Candy With Your Kids!
If you love candy, you’ll love making your own freeze dried treats! Try your own creations at home with this easy to follow guide.

How to make freeze dried candy

Conclusion About Freeze Dried Skittles

Freeze-Dried Skittles are a new twist on a beloved classic, offering a creative way to enjoy candy. Their unique texture offers a delightful crunch, that's not only cool to eat but also slightly kinder on the teeth, as they lack the stickiness of the original version. The ability to maintain the original flavors of Skittles despite the difference in texture is a testament to the innovative freeze-drying process.

Small convenient packages make the skittles easy to portion, letting parents control how little or much their kids eat — a certain plus for more mindful snacking. From being a simple munch to a study snack, or even a splendid surprise in baked treats, Freeze-Dried Skittles offer a bit of fun for everyone, enhancing the joy of the Skittles experience.

Above all, these goodies underline that sometimes, something as simple as a snack can be transformed into an adventure in every bite.

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