Hey everyone! As someone who's always on the go with my kids, I know just how important it is to keep them entertained and engaged during those long journeys. That's why I'm super excited to share with you my personal favorites when it comes to magnetic travel games!

These nifty little games combine endless fun with convenience, so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere, without those pesky loose pieces! So buckle up and get ready to discover the Best Magnetic Games on the go! Trust me, you won't want to hit the road without them!

Quick Top 8! #1. Gamie Store, #2. Coogam, #3. Bluey Store, #4. Store Magic Store, #5. Travofun, #6. ThinkFun Store, #7. Purple Cow Store, #8. Purple Cow Store! See why I chose these below!

How Mothers Best Buys Chooses The Best Magnetic Travel Games

At Mothers Best Buys, my mission is to always bring you top-quality and fun-filled magnetic travel games. Initially, I identified a problem - the struggle of keeping children entertained during travel without the mess of loose game pieces. My insights led to an examination of various magnetic travel games available on the market.

I scrutinize factors such as educational value, entertainment factor, durability, and portability. I work alongside reviewers and real parents whose children have used these games during real trips. Through careful selection, I deliver games that guarantee an engaging and mess-free travel experience for children and a peaceful journey for parents.

Be Cautious: Due to 'choking hazard small parts', always monitor children playing with magnetic board games. Store them securely after use to prevent accidents.

Reasons Why We Recommend These Board Games

You see, these magnetic board games aren't just another addition to the toy chest, they are an excellent learning tool we like to call 'educational toys'. And here's why we recommend them.

  • These games are absolutely engaging - the dart of joy visible when kids solve a puzzle or win a game is priceless. But what's happening behind the scenes is even more fantastic.
  • These games help young minds cultivate essential skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategizing. You see, every move they make, every strategy they devise, they're learning. Now, bring 'road trips' into the picture.
  • These wonderful games are magnetic, making them the perfect travel buddies. No lost pieces, no mess, just plain fun and learning.

All these reasons make them a top-notch recommendation for your young ones. Because here's the thing - when learning is fun, it's never forgotten.

Gamie Small Magnetic Board Travel Game Set

Best Travel Board Games with Handy Magnets

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Why We Love This

This magnetic board travel game set is a compact yet comprehensive gaming pack perfect for young adventurers aged 6 and up. This set features 12 retro fun games, each individually boxed, offering a delightful mix of vintage charm and modern functionality. With its 5-inch compact design, it's tailor-made for road trips, camping, and other travel, ensuring entertainment is never out of reach.

They include Checkers, Chess, Chinese checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Backgammon, Snakes and ladders, Solitaire, NineMen’s Morris, Auto Racing, Ludo, Space Venture and Racing.

My Favorite Feature!

My favorite feature is its diverse range of 12 retro fun games in one compact and portable design, making it the perfect companion for road trips, camping, and travel.

Coogam Travel Tangram Puzzle

Best Educational Magnetic Travel Games

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Why We Love This

The Coogam Travel Tangram Puzzle is an inventive, magnetic pattern block book designed for both kids and adults. This road trip game features a jigsaw-shaped dissection approach with 360 patterns, turning travel time into a rewarding, educational experience.

Beyond providing entertainment, it presents intellectual challenges, encouraging logical thinking, pattern recognition, and problem-solving — all key components of STEM education.

My Favorite Feature!

My favorite feature is its magnetic, educational game offering 360 challenging patterns. It fosters critical thinking and spatial reasoning during travel fun.

Bluey Magnetic Playset

Best Imaginative Magnetic Travel Games

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Why We Love This

The Bluey Magnetic Playset offers delightful, screen-free entertainment for kids aged 3-6. Featuring vibrant, multicolor magnet activity toys, this playset provides hours of fun during birthday parties, at-home activities, and road trips alike.

Its portable design makes it ideal for travel, engaging young minds in creative play while promoting their imagination and fine motor skills. Enjoy the boundless possibilities and lasting memories created by this charming Bluey playset.

My Favorite Feature!

My favorite feature is it enhances kid's imagination with vibrant, magnet activity toys that encourage creative, screen-free fun during travels or at home.

Story Magic Dress-Up Dolls Playset

Best Story telling Magnetic Travel Games

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Why We Love This

The Magic Dress-Up Dolls Playset is an enchanting magnetic case designed to kickstart the imagination of kids aged 4-7. This pretense play set, rendered in vivid pink color, includes magnetic outfits and accessory pieces for countless styling possibilities.

The playset proves ideal for travel or playdates, offering a unique activity to engage young minds. It enables kids to create their own narratives with the dolls, inspiring creativity and social interaction through play.

My Favorite Feature!

My favorite feature is its 80+ magnetic outfits, boosting creativity and imaginative storytelling in a portable magnetic case for ages 4-7.

2 in 1 Checkers Sets Travel Toys

Best 2 in 1 Magnetic Travel Games

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Why We Love This

The 2 in 1 Checker set combines Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe into a single, magnetic and portable gaming experience. This hands-on board game is perfect for young children and family play, featuring soft foam checker pieces for a user-friendly touch.

The magnetic element ensures stable play during travels, making it an ideal companion for family road trips, holidays, or any event where portable entertainment is needed. It not only delivers hours of fun but is instrumental in developing critical thinking and strategic skills.

My Favorite Feature!

My favorite feature is its magnetic design, ensuring no lost pieces and effortless play, perfect for family fun.

ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel

Best STEM-centric Magnetic Travel Games

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Why We Love This

The ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle is an intellectually stimulating game that combines the beloved Minecraft universe with brain-building puzzles.

Formulated as a STEM toy for kids aged 8 and up, it enhances logical reasoning and problem-solving skills as players navigate challenges based on Minecraft's retro-style pixelated design. The magnetic, compact travel set is perfect for playing on the go, providing fun and educational entertainment wherever you are.

My Favorite Feature!

My favorite feature is its STEM-centric travel game that combines Minecraft fun with educational logic puzzles to engage kids aged 8 and up.

The Purple Cow Animal Bingo Game

Best Off-screen Activity Magnetic Travel Games

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Why We Love This

The Purple Cow Animal Bingo Game is a vibrant and interactive game perfect for family outings. Whether in the car, on an airplane, or just seeking a quiet game at home, this unique twist on classic bingo is sure to keep children and adults engaged and entertained.

Featuring a variety of animals, each game promotes learning and recognition skills, as well as numeracy. It is compact and easily portable for on-the-go fun. Enjoy the laughter and learning this Animal Bingo Game can bring to any occasion.

My Favorite Feature!

My favorite feature is it offers an engaging off-screen activity that encourages strategy and curiosity, making it an ideal travel companion on all types of journeys.

Magnetic Travel Mini Soccer Game

Best Portable Magnetic Travel Games

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Why We Love This

The Magnetic Travel Mini Soccer Game offers a fun and strategic play for all ages - a portable take on the beloved sport of soccer. Ideal for car journeys, airplane travel, or just quiet home play, this game allows players to move magnetic soccer balls around the field using the magnetic handles beneath.

It's perfect for developing strategic thinking while engaging in friendly competition. Compact and mess-free, it ensures the fun of soccer can go wherever you go.

My Favorite Feature!

My favorite feature is its portable game perfect for travel that encourages strategic thinking and delivers a fun, interactive engagement in a compact package.

So, Mess Free Magnet Means No Mayhem

Magnetic board games are an excellent way to engage the mind and spirit, particularly during long car journeys. Whether chess or snakes and ladders, these games offer respites of fun and challenge.

Due to their small parts, you may need to ensure pieces stay together in between uses. We advise having a car seat organizer. This provides an efficient, space-saving solution to keep these games within reach, ensuring gameplay is convenient and mess-free. These organizers make travel-oriented fun more accessible, transforming road trips.

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Magnetic Travel Games FAQs

How portable are magnetic travel games?

Magnetic travel games are typically designed to be compact and lightweight. They often come with storage compartments for game pieces, and the magnetized design ensures the pieces attach securely to the board. This makes them ideal for car trips, plane rides, or even just a visit to a local park.

Are magnetic travel games safe for children?

Yes, magnetic travel games are safe for children, but parental guidance is advised to prevent young children from swallowing small game pieces. Manufacturers typically recommend an age limit for each game.

What are magnetic travel games?

Magnetic travel games are designed with magnetized pieces that stick to the game board, preventing them from moving or getting lost during travel. These games are typically compact and portable versions of traditional board games optimized for on-the-go play.

Magnetic Travel Games Conclusion

In conclusion, the best magnetic travel games offer a unique blend of convenience, entertainment, and challenge for players of all ages. They creatively utilize magnetism to ensure game pieces stay in place even on the move, catering to the needs of travelers.

With their space-efficient design, ease of setup, and the ability to pause and resume play, they enhance travel experiences. Ultimately, the best magnetic travel games transform journeys into fun-filled adventures, fostering positive interactions and joyful gaming memories.

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