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Tommee Tippee Multiwarm Bottle Warmer

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Tommee Tippee Multiwarm Intuitive Bottle Warmer is a game-changing device designed to warm your baby's feeds to the perfect temperature in minutes. Its automatic timer, spacious design, and gentle warming capabilities ensure that your little one's meals are comfortably heated without compromising essential nutrients.

This product review aims to provide parents and caregivers with a comprehensive understanding of the Tommee Tippee warmer. By delving into its features, functionality, and benefits, we aim to assist readers in making an informed decision about whether this product is the right fit for their needs. From its quick warming capabilities to its ability to preserve vital nutrients, we'll explore every aspect to ensure our readers can confidently choose the best bottle warmer for their baby.

Tommee Tippee Multiwarm Intuitive Bottle Warmer
Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer

Product Specs

  • Warming Capacity: Tommee warmer can warm a variety of baby feeds, including milk, food jars, and pouches, to the perfect temperature in as little as 4 minutes using natural steam.
  • Warming Options: This bottle warmer offers flexibility in warming options as it can heat feeds from room temperature, cold or frozen, by selecting the correct setting.
  • Automatic Timer: The device has an automatic timer that works out the optimum warming time based on the selected settings. Once the warming cycle is complete, it has an auto shut-off setting for added safety.
  • Gentle Warming: Gradual, gentle warming helps to preserve the vital nutrients in the baby's feed while getting it to a comfortable body temperature that feels natural to the baby. This feature also helps to prevent hot spots that could burn the baby's mouth.
  • Compatibility: The Tommee Tippee warmer is spacious enough to fit most brands of bottles and food jars, including plastic, glass, or silicone baby bottles and containers, yet compact enough to sit neatly on your kitchen counter.

Product Quality

Tommee Tippee warmer is built with a focus on exceptional quality, ensuring it meets the needs and expectations of parents and caregivers. The Multiwarm is thoughtfully designed to provide a safe and efficient warming experience for your baby's feeds. The construction of the warmer is solid, ensuring that it can withstand daily use without any issues. The Multiwarm is compatible with various types of bottles, food jars, and pouches from different brands, making it suitable for a wide range of feeding needs.

It can accommodate plastic, glass, and silicone containers with ease. Furthermore, the safety features incorporated into the Multiwarm are commendable. The automatic timer calculates the optimal warming time based on your settings and has an auto shut-off function to prevent overheating. The durable construction, versatile compatibility, and reliable performance make it a top choice for those seeking a high-quality bottle warmer that will stand the test of time.

Fridge or Room Temperature
Tommee Tippee Automatic Timer

Features & Benefits

Tommee Tippee bottle warmer is packed with features and benefits that make it a must-have for any new parent. One of the key features of this one bottle and food warmer warmer is its versatility. It can warm a variety of baby feeds, including milk, food jars, and pouches. It can even warm feeds from frozen, which is a great time saver for busy parents. The warmer is compatible with a wide range of branded baby bottles, food jars, and pouches, making it a versatile addition to any feeding routine.

In addition, the Multiwarm warmer is spacious enough to fit most brands of bottles and food jars, yet still compact enough to sit neatly on your kitchen counter. This convenience makes it easy to use and saves you valuable counter space. Overall, the features and benefits of the bottle warmer make it an excellent investment for any new parent looking for a safe, convenient, and effective way to warm their baby's feeds.


The warmer has numerous advantages that make it stand out from other electric bottle and food warmers on the market. Here are some of the pros of this product:

  • Multiple Settings: The warmer offers multiple settings, allowing you to warm different types of containers and feeds based on the starting temperature and volume.
  • Automatic Timer: The warmer's automatic timer works out the optimal warming time based on your selection, and has an auto shut-off setting for added safety.
  • Fits Most Bottles: The warmer is spacious enough to fit most brands of bottles and food jars, making it very convenient.
  • Quick Warm Time: The 3 in 1 Warmer heats bottles and baby food quickly and safely in about 4 minutes. Great for during those night feeds!
  • Easy to Use: The Multiwarm warmer is easy to use and has simple instructions that make it convenient for parents.
  • Saves Time: The warmer saves time as it warms feeds fast, allowing you to focus on taking care of your baby.
  • Multi-functional: The 3 in 1 Electric Bottle and Pouch Warmer can heat breast milk, formula, and baby food, and can also be used to defrost and warm frozen food.
No mom wants to wait long for a bottle for warm.


While the Tommee Tippee warmer offers numerous benefits, it's essential to consider some potential drawbacks before making a purchase decision. Here are a few cons to be aware of:

  • Limited Capacity: Although the Multiwarm warmer can accommodate most brands of bottles and food jars, its capacity may not be sufficient for larger bottles or containers. This could be inconvenient for parents who frequently use larger-sized feeding accessories.
  • Water Handling: The warmer uses water to create steam for warming the feeds, and users need to be cautious when handling the device. It is essential to avoid contact with the water inside the warmer to prevent accidental burns or spills.
  • No Memory Function: The Multiwarm warmer does not have a memory function to remember the preferred settings. Each time you use the device, you need to manually select the desired settings, which can be inconvenient if you have specific preferences that you consistently follow.


The Multiwarm warmer is reasonably priced, making it an affordable option for parents seeking a reliable and efficient bottle warmer. The price may vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

To make the deal even more exciting, the warmer is available on Amazon for $33.00. Even better by becoming an Amazon Prime member you can receive your Tommee Tippee bottle warmer in two days without additional shipping costs.


When it comes to bottle warmers, the market offers a variety of options. Let's compare the Tommee bottle warmer with its top competitors. Firstly, the Multiwarm offers more settings and customization options compared to the Avent bottle warmer, allowing parents to precisely control the warming process based on their specific needs.

Secondly, in terms of space, the Multiwarm outshines competitors like Dr. Brown's, providing ample room to accommodate a wide range of bottle sizes and food jars while still maintaining a compact footprint on the kitchen counter.

Lastly, the Multiwarm stands out with its automatic timer feature, setting it apart from models like the Munchkin, ensuring that the warming process is optimized and safe with an auto shut-off function.

Customer Experiences

Customers who have used the Tommee Tippee Multiwarm Intuitive Bottle Warmer have expressed positive experiences with the product. Many parents appreciate its reliability and ease of use, with the intuitive controls allowing for hassle-free operation.

The gentle warming feature has been praised for preserving the nutrients in baby's milk and food while achieving the perfect temperature. Customers have also highlighted the Multiwarm's compatibility with various bottle brands and its spacious design, which accommodates different sizes of bottles and food jars.


How long does it take for the Multiwarm to warm up a bottle or food jar?

The warming time of the Multiwarm depends on the capacity and starting temperature of the feed. On average, it takes about 4 minutes to warm a 5-ounce serving of milk from ambient room temperature (68°F). However, the warming time may vary slightly depending on the specific circumstances.

Is the Tommee Tippee warmer easy to clean?

Yes, the Multiwarm is designed with convenience in mind. It has a removable cradle for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply detach the cradle, clean it thoroughly with warm soapy water, and rinse it before reassembling it.

Is the Tommee Tippee warmer BPA-free?

Yes, like all Tommee Tippee sterilizers, bottle warmers, and feeding bottles, the Multiwarm warmer is BPA-free, ensuring the safety and well-being of warm your baby's bottom during feeding times.

Can the Multiwarm be used with breast milk bags?

The Multiwarm is primarily designed for bottles and food jars, but it may not be suitable for warming breast milk bags directly. Transferring the milk from the bag to a bottle, food pouch or container before using the Multiwarm for warming is recommended.

Does the warmer overheat or burn the milk or food?

No, the Multiwarm features a gentle warming system that preserves essential nutrients and helps prevent overheating and hot spots. It gradually warms the bottle or food to preserve essential nutrients while ensuring a comfortable temperature for your baby's feeding experience.


In conclusion, the multiwarm proves to be a reliable and versatile solution for parents seeking a convenient way to warm their baby's feeds. With its multiple settings, automatic timer, and gentle warming system, this bottle and food warmer offers precise and customized warming for various bottles, food jars, and pouches.

The Multiwarm's compatibility with most bottle brands and its spacious yet compact design makes it a practical addition to any kitchen counter. The preservation of essential nutrients and the prevention of hot spots further enhance its appeal. Additionally, the safety features, such as the auto shut-off setting, provide peace of mind for parents.

So, What Now?

We hope you found this review of the bottle warmer helpful in making your decision. If you have any questions or personal experiences with this product that you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you. If you know someone who could benefit from this review, please share it with them.

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