Are you tired of the same old Elf on the Shelf ideas? Looking for fresh and funny antics to bring the Christmas spirit to your bathroom? Well, you're in luck!

Each Christmas season, Elf on the Shelf inspires both delight and dread, as parents scramble for creative ideas to position their elves. The bathroom is often overlooked, leaving a wealth of untapped mischief.

Imagine the smiles and surprise when your little ones discover their elf creating bubbles in the sink, or hanging from the shower curtain!

In this article, we introduce a collection of hilarious and imaginative Elf on the Shelf bathroom ideas that will liven up your holiday season while keeping the kids eagerly awaiting each new day's shenanigans. So, brace yourself for a frolicsome Elf journey that will literally keep you on your toes - or should we say, on your shelf?


The Elf on the Shelf is a cherished Christmas tradition that originated from a children's picture book. This charming tale features a scout elf sent by Santa to monitor children's behavior in the lead-up to Christmas.

Each night, the elf flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa, and upon returning, settles in a new spot in the house. The fun is in discovering the elf's new hiding place each morning!

It's a playful way to count down to Christmas and build excitement. The Elf on the Shelf tradition has gained popularity because it engages children's imagination, encourages good behavior, and creates wonderful family memories during the holiday season.

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Funny Elf on the Shelf Bathroom Ideas

OK, so the bathroom is great for tricks and ideas. Lots of paper, toiletries and towels as an elf's playground. Let's take a peek!

Toilet Paper Snowman: Imagine the surprise on your child's face when they find the elf turned into a snowman of toilet roll. Use a marker to draw a smiley face and buttons, while a small piece of fabric can serve as the scarf. The elf can sit proudly next to its creation!

Elf on the shelf toilet roll snowman

Bubble Bath Elf: Place your elf in the sink or bathtub surrounded by a mountain of bubbles. You could add a little rubber duck or a tiny cocktail umbrella for some extra fun.

Toothpaste Message: Have the elf spell out a fun message or draw a picture with toothpaste (or shaving cream) on the bathroom mirror. Your kids will have a blast deciphering the elf's artwork or message!

Elf on the shelf toothpaste message

Shower Curtain Swing: Tie a ribbon to the shower curtain rod and have the elf swing from it, possibly with a bar of soap or a bottle of shampoo in its hand for a touch of mischief.

Towel Origami: Let the elf fold the bathroom towel into fun shapes, like an animal or a flower. It's an elf who loves creativity!

Toilet Paper Roll: Unroll tissue paper and have the elf ride on it like around the bathroom. You could even use some more toys to make it more exciting. The more toilet paper roll the better, not just a few squares will do!

Toilet paper Elf on the shelf

Cotton Ball Snow Fight: Place your elf in the middle of a cotton ball snowball fight with other toys or stuffed animals. It's an adorable and fun way to involve other characters in the elf's adventures.

Elf on the shelf snowball fight

Marshmallow bath: Pop the elf inside the bathroom sink and fill it with mini marshmallows giving that naughty elf a relaxing bath. You could even make a little face mask to put over the elf's face.

Elf on the shelf marshmallow bath

Toilet training: This may take some balancing but if you can sit him on the seat or sink, you can use some sweets or chocolate as his poop. This is a simple but hilarious idea.

Elf on the shelf Toilet Tricks

Flossing Elf: Use dental floss to create a zipline for your elf, with one end tied to the shower curtain rod and the other end held by the elf. This idea is perfect for little elves who love adventure!

Now that you have some elf ideas, don't forget to capture these memorable moments by taking photos of your Elf's bathroom adventures and SEND THEM TO US!

Remember, the goal here is fun and laughter. These elf ideas should bring a little extra Christmas cheer to your home at Christmas. And it isnt contained to the bathroom, you could use the Christmas tree, kitchen shelf ideas, bedrooms, anything really!

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Elf on the shelf FAQs

What is the best age for Elf on the shelf?

There is no right or wrong age to start this festive tradition. Children who believe in Santa will enjoy having an elf around, but be mindful that younger children might not fully understand the concept. It's best to introduce it when your kid can appreciate and participate in the activities.

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Do I have to move the Elf every night?

Yes! The excitement and fun come from finding the elf in a new spot each morning. It's also what makes this tradition so unique and engaging for kids.

What if I forget to move the Elf?

Don't worry; it happens to the best of us! You can always come up with an excuse, such as bad weather preventing travel back to the North Pole or the elf needing a day off. And if all else fails, just move the elf to a new spot as soon as you remember.

Can I touch the Elf?

No, touching the Elf is said to take away its magic. It's best to let your child handle the elf and have fun with it while keeping some boundaries in place.

Elfing Around Conclusion

The Elf on the Shelf tradition is a wonderful way to add magic and joy to your family's Christmas season. The bathroom is the perfect place for your elf's antics, as there are countless items and spaces to play with.

Get ready for some silly, mischievous, and memorable moments with these funny Elf on the Shelf bathroom ideas! So go ahead, grab your elf, and let the fun begin! And don't forget to share your elf's adventures with us and post your pics! #mothersbestbuys

Happy holidays!