It's that time of year again mom and dad, when the Elf appears, and you have to make a mad dash before bedtime to create a magical scene to be discovered the next day! Have you got your Elf on the shelf kit?

Unpack the magic of the holiday season with none other than the mischievous little creature who's been the talk of every household come Christmas time – the Elf on the Shelf. These cute elf kits have parents wrapped around their metaphorical fingers, and children wide-eyed with anticipation.

Let's explore why these tiny ambassadors of Santa have become a new traditions for kids. Buckle up for a whimsical journey that'll take you from skeptical onlooker to enchanted elf enthusiast. This isn't just a review – it's a backstage pass to the North Pole itself!

The best part is watching the kids faces every morning when they see the elf's antics from the night before!
Elf on the shelf kits

Why do kids love Elf on The Shelf?

Children are inherently drawn to the holiday elf on the Shelf for a multitude of reasons. One of the primary appeals lies in the elf's fun and unpredictable antics which are revealed every morning. These daily surprises stimulate children's imagination and foster a sense of excitement for the start of each new day in the festive season.

The Elf serves as a tangible link to the enchanting world of Santa and the North Pole, making the magic of Christmas more alive. The interactive nature of the tradition, where children can participate but not touch, also creates a fascinating dynamic that amplifies their anticipation for Christmas Day.

Elf on the shelf kit - Boy Scout

Includes Elf, Book, Certificate and Gift Box

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Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition - Boy Scout Elf with Blue Eyes

This delightful kit truly embodies the joyous spirit of the holiday season, complete with a charming boy scout elf boasting bright blue eyes that are sure to dazzle children and adults alike. The elf's daily antics offer a refreshing burst of festive fun each morning, effortlessly keeping the Christmas cheer alive.

The accompanying storybook is artfully illustrated, bringing the magical tales of the North Pole to life in a vibrant display of colors and enchanting characters. Each page is a visual treat, sure to captivate the imaginations of young readers and imbibe them with the spirit of Christmas.

The personalized adoption certificate adds a heartwarming touch to this kit, making children feel a special connection with their own elf. The keepsake box is not only practical for safe storage but also adds to the overall charm of the package.

This Elf on the Shelf kit is more than just a toy or a book - it's a doorway to a world of Christmas wonder, a timeless tradition that fosters anticipation, joy, and a unique sense of magic that only the holiday season can bring. It's a must-have addition to any household looking to keep the Yuletide traditions alive and thriving.

Favorite Feature?

This elf on the shelf kit is the original, it has the beautifully illustrated book and box to keep it safe and treasured for years to come.

Elf on the shelf kits - Girl Scout

Includes Elf, 2 skirts, book and gift box

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Boxed Gift Set: Blue-Eyed Girl Elf with Bonus Pair of Skirts and a Girl-Themed "The Elf on the Shelf" Book

Unveiling another amazing elf kit – a boxed gift set featuring a blue-eyed girl elf, complete with a bonus pair of fashionable skirts. This enchanting elf kit is not just an offering of a toy, but a heartwarming invitation to a cherished Christmas tradition.

The centerpiece of the set is the girl elf, her vibrant blue eyes sparkling with festive mischief. With a second pair of skirts included, children can engage in creative play, adding an extra level of interactivity to the elf's daily escapades. The fashion-forward elf skirts provide a charming twist, setting this kit apart as a delightful choice for those looking for something a little different in their Elf on the Shelf tradition.

Accompanying the elf is a hardbound, girl-themed "The Elf on the Shelf" book, snugly nestled within a keepsake box. The vividly illustrated pages of the book unfold fascinating tales from the North Pole, captivating young readers and fostering their anticipation for Christmas Day.

Presented as 'the best thing since The Night Before Christmas', this Boxed Gift Set promises a fun-filled tradition that will create a lifetime of memories. It's a timeless classic, a perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list, and a tradition the whole family can enjoy. Celebrate the holiday season with this enchanting gift set and let the magic of the Elf on the Shelf fill your home with pure Christmas wonder.

Favorite Feature?

The two costume changes that are included give the impression the elf has gone away and come back again. Each time the elf's appearance changes, children become even more deeply invested in their daily quest to find him or her. These little details are what make the unique Elf on the Shelf tradition so special and memorable for families around the

28-Day Christmas Elf Adventure Kit

Do you struggle to think of ideas or find the time to do it? No problem, this kit has it all planned out!

Embrace the magic of Christmas with this elf kit that provides an exciting surprise for your kids every morning leading up to the big day. Thanks to its quick and easy setup, the kit ensures daily merriment with minimal effort.

Crafted from high-quality materials, each delightful scene promises durability and reusability, bringing a fresh and fun surprise for your children to anticipate each day. The scenes are thoughtfully divided into four convenient packs, each signifying a week of fun-filled yuletide adventure.

The elf kit doesn't stop there it also includes a magical glove for elf handling, amusing pun cards to enhance the scenes, naughty/nice cards to keep track of your child's behavior, and example cards to create each scene. Adding a personal touch, special Arrival and Goodbye cards from your elf to your kids are also part of the package.

Ideal as a Christmas gift, the 28-Day Christmas Elf Adventure Kit is perfect for families with children, elf enthusiasts, or anyone aiming to infuse their holiday season with a dash of enchantment.

It's a treasure trove of magical memories, ready to be unpacked and enjoyed. Despite the absence of an elf stand and elf, setting up each of the 28 scenes is a breeze. Within less than a minute, you can effortlessly arrange a new scene in any location, watching the wonder unfold on your children's faces as they discover these intricate and imaginative setups every morning.

Elf on the shelf kits

Favourite Feature?

You can create a scene in under a minute with the props and ideas provided. Yes please!!
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So, Elf Kits Are Cool Right!

Embracing the Elf on the Shelf tradition is a delightful way to infuse your holiday season with a dash of magic, joy, and enchantment. Each elf kit offers an unique experience - from the traditional boy and girl scout elves with their beautifully illustrated books, to a fashion-forward elf with wardrobe changes, and finally an elf kit that caters to those who appreciate convenience with preplanned scenes ready to set up in less than a minute.

Whether you're looking to start a new tradition or simply add a fresh twist to your existing festive routines, these kits provide an immersive Christmas adventure that's sure to create lasting memories. Each kit is designed not just to entertain, but to inspire a deep-seated love for the season and foster anticipation for the big day.

By incorporating the Elf on the Shelf into your holiday season, you're investing in a new tradition that will delight, enchant, and bring families closer, one Christmas at a time.

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Elf on The Shelf FAQs

What is The Elf on The Shelf?

The Elf on The Shelf is a Christmas tradition that involves a magical scout elf sent from the North Pole to help Santa Claus manage his naughty and nice lists. Each morning, the elf engages in various antics and changes its location around the house, creating a fun and interactive game for children.

Can the Elf be touched?

Traditionally, the Elf on The Shelf should not be touched, as it might lose its magical powers to travel back to the North Pole. However, the magic can be restored with a special letter to Santa or by sprinkling a dash of cinnamon beside it – considered as elf medicine.

What is included in an Elf on The Shelf Kit?

An Elf on The Shelf kit usually includes a n individually packaged scout elf and a beautifully illustrated storybook that explains the Elf on The Shelf tradition. Some kits also include accessories like skirts or bonus items like a welcome letter, personalized adoption certificate and keepsake box.

How many days does the Elf stay?

The Elf arrives at your home at the start of the holiday season and leaves on Christmas Eve to return to the North Pole with Santa. Some families choose to start the tradition on December 1st, while others may begin shortly after Thanksgiving.

What should you do if you don't have an elf?

If you don't have elves, you can still enjoy the tradition with the 28-Day Christmas Elf Adventure Kit. The kit includes a variety of scenes, cards, and accessories that offer a similar experience of fun and enchantment throughout the holiday season. You could use a doll, stuffy or teddy bear. To make sure you have one you can do pre orders, or just buy in advance.

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