As a parent, you have a lot of decisions to make. One important decision is choosing the perfect stroller for your family. Do you go with the classic four wheel stroller or the modern three wheel stroller design?

To help you make this decision, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each type of stroller.

3-Wheel Strollers, Quick And Agile!


Three-wheel strollers are typically lightweight, which makes them great for travel as well as everyday use. They also offer superior maneuverability and agility with the single front wheel for navigating tight spaces like shopping malls or narrow sidewalks.

Three-wheel strollers are usually equipped with locking swivel wheels so they can be used on all sorts of terrain, including gravel paths or uneven surfaces. This type of three wheel strollers are also good as  jogging strollers because it has more suspension than most four-wheel models. See our selection of the best jogging strollers.

Plenty of stroller options 


In the past, most three wheel strollers didn't tend to match up with a four wheeled model in terms of features. They were seen as less luxurious and more about agility. So some may not have the extra features you desire, like being car seat adaptable, one hand fold, and multi-mode design to allow for an extra child. But with that said some do. And the Baby Jogger brand below is a great example of a three wheel stroller that doesn't disappoint.

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Take a look at one of the TOP Three Wheel Strollers.

Baby Jogger City Mini 

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Why Parents Love This

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is an extremely well-designed and versatile stroller; I would highly recommend it for all baby-wearing needs. The robust frame and quality build make it perfect for extended trips to the zoo, park or market, while the adjustable handles and three wheel configuration make it extremely easy to maneuver around town.

As soon as you unpack a City Mini GT2, you'll know why this baby jogger brand is so popular - with its deluxe cushioned seat, no-flat tires and suspension, taking baby with you on rides has never been easier.

Plus, if you ever find yourself running out of space when shopping, the convenient fold feature lets you pack your little one's favorite ride away in an instant. All in all, I'm a huge fan of baby jogger products and consider the City Mini GT2 an absolute must-have for parents looking for a three wheel stroller!

I love my three wheel stroller, so much easier to move around than my old stroller. It has all the features too, with a large basket, canopy and suspension. We enjoy our jogs together! Kim. W (Ohio)

If you are thinking of going with a jogging stroller, there's some great stroller workouts and groups you can join too!

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4-Wheel Strollers, Sturdy And Comfy!


Four-wheel strollers are typically heavier than their three-wheel stroller counterparts, but they offer more stability on rough terrain and in wet conditions. A four-wheel stroller also tends to have larger canopies that provide more protection from the elements.

Four-wheelers usually come with an adjustable handlebar so parents of different heights can customize their experience. This type of four wheel stroller is especially useful for those who plan to use their stroller for extended periods since it tends to have larger storage compartments and better cushioning than three wheelers.


A four wheel stroller can be bulky, heavy and not known for its smooth ride. But advancements have come along way, with most designs overcoming a lot of these cons. But as far as agility goes for jogging, 4 wheels doesn't cut it quite like a 3 wheel design.

Take a look at one of the Top Rated Four Wheel Strollers with all the features. This is our personal favourite!

Uppa Baby Vista 2

Best Overall Stroller

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Why Parents Love This!

What's not to love! This convertible stroller has it all. If you're in the market for a dependable and stylish 4 wheel stroller, then look no further than Uppa baby Vista 2.

This convertible stroller is an excellent choice for families with babies or toddlers and comes with plenty of features that make it ideal for those on the go. You can start with the bassinet and transfer to the seat as they get a little older.

It includes 4-wheel suspension and locking swivel front wheels to offer a smooth ride. It also has adjustable handlebars so you can find the most comfortable setting for you and your little one.

Additionally, the Uppa Baby vista 2 comes with a full-recline feature that allows newborns to recline back in comfort during their first outings even when in the stroller seat. This 4 wheel stroller has plenty of storage space available so you can keep all your necessities close by.

It can also be transformed into a double stroller with adapters if the time comes for this requirement and Uppa Baby has great accessories that you can always choose to add on.

Finally, it is car seat adaptable, so the baby can fall asleep in the car and be transported to the stroller without having to be woken! That's every Moms need met right there!

Overall, UppaBaby Vista 2 is an intuitive stroller designed to make life easier for busy families!

And if you don't love the Emmett green (we do!) then they have a range of colors!

I got this model with my second child and I love it. It looks and feels amazing, with quality fabrics and features. It's very stable, and I can easily adjust the seat to fit in a car seat or bassinet. Laura. R (Goodyear)
Bassinet stroller 

4 Wheel Wagons, Fun And Multi-Purpose!

If you are looking for something to carry more than one child (up to 4 kids) or a child that's near to outgrowing their stroller, then you may look at a wagon instead. You can't go jogging with these, but you can take them on adventures, excursions to the beach, and much more.

And most come with the features that a traditional stroller would such as seat belts, cushioned seating and storage. Take a look at these wagons, all with great features and some are cheaper than you think!

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Decisions, Decisions, What's The Verdict?

So, when it comes down to a 3 vs 4 wheel stroller, there is no right or wrong answer; it all depends on your personal needs and preferences as a parent.

If you want a lightweight stroller that offers superior maneuverability, then go with a three wheels! Great as a jogging stroller with its single front wheel and air filled tires.

If you need something that offers more more options in terms of modes of use, protection from the elements, and luxury then go with four wheels!

Whichever option you choose, remember that safety should always be your top priority when picking out a stroller for your family. Best of luck!

The good thing about both a three wheel stroller and a four wheel stroller is they both can accommodate these awesome accessories we found.

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3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Stroller FAQS

You may still have some questions abbout 3 wheel versus wheel strollers before making a decision, maybe even more than before! Here's some of the top asked questions relating to this topic.

What are the advantages of a 3 wheel stroller over a 4 wheel?

A 3 wheel stroller offers more maneuverability and agility than a 4 wheel, which makes it easier to navigate tight spaces or crowded streets. Additionally, a three wheel design is often lighter and smaller in size, making it easy to store or transport.

Are 3 wheel strollers suitable for different terrain?

Yes! Many 3 wheel strollers offer flexible tires that can easily traverse bumpy roads, dirt trails, and other uneven surfaces while providing your baby with a smooth ride. And with foam filled tires, they won't get a puncture.

How much does an average 3-wheel stroller cost?  

Depending on the brand, quality of materials used and additional features available such as adjustable handle bars or sunshades – prices may range from $100-$500USD for an average mid-range model; however luxury models can cost more.

What is the Uppa Baby Vista 2?

The Uppa Baby Vista 2 is an upgraded version of the original Vista stroller. It has four wheels, a lighter aluminum frame and foam-filled rubber tires for better maneuverability, as well as a redesigned canopy with zip-out sunshade, adjustable handlebar, suspension, reclining seat and extra large storage basket. It also comes in many beautiful colors made with top quality fabrics, so you will be the envy of other Moms.

Why choose a 3 wheel stroller over a 4 wheel?

When considering whether to choose a 3-wheel stroller over a 4-wheel stroller, there are several factors to consider. Here are some potential reasons to opt for a 3-wheel stroller:

Maneuverability: Three-wheel strollers are often praised for their maneuverability. The single front wheel allows for easy navigation, especially in tight spaces or crowded areas. This can be particularly beneficial for parents who frequently find themselves in urban environments or need to navigate through narrow doorways.

Outdoor Activities: If you plan on using your stroller for outdoor activities such as jogging or hiking, a 3-wheel stroller may be a favorable choice. The design of 3-wheel strollers often provides better handling on uneven terrains and the ability to tackle various surfaces with ease.

Compactness: In comparison to 4-wheel strollers, 3-wheel models tend to be more compact and lightweight. This makes them easier to fold, transport, and store, which can be advantageous for families with limited storage space or those who frequently travel.

It's important to note that individual preferences and specific needs may vary, so it's recommended to thoroughly research and test different stroller models before making a decision.

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