As a parent, it can be tricky to figure out how to get everything done with a baby in tow. Fortunately, there are many helpful tips on how to make the best of meals while on the go – and one option is feeding your baby in a stroller!

With the right preparation, you can safely feed your little one while keeping them safe and secure during travel.

In this blog post, we'll explore why you might need to feed your baby in a stroller (you know - those times when you're running late or just want an easy solution!), what products and materials you'll need for successful meals-on-the-go, and provide advice from experienced parents who have used this method successfully!

Overview of Feeding a Baby in a Stroller - Benefits and Necessities

Feeding a baby in a stroller can be an incredibly convenient and useful way of providing nourishment, especially when parents are on the go. Whether it's taking a walk, running errands, or being out on holiday or at the airport, having your child with you in their stroller can make mealtime easy.

Reaching that balance between comfort and convenience is key - though you may need special equipment such as a stable tray attachment, this small investment can pay dividends when you're trying to feed an infant that wants to explore their surroundings. Being aware of practical matters such as the safety of highchair straps and accessible snacks will help ensure a successful feeding experience. All these tips and more are essential knowledge for anyone wanting to know how to feed their baby in a stroller - so why not give it a try?

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Reasons You May Need to Feed a Baby in a Stroller

When you're out and about with a little one in tow, it can be hard to know how to manage all your childcare needs efficiently. One way that can help make life simpler is to consider feeding your baby in the stroller!

Relaxed mom

You may be one of those chilled-out moms who doesn't stick to a strict schedule or who doesn't stress over feeding on the go. You won't say no to those mommy meetups or lunches out, you'll feed your little one anywhere - good for you!

Running late

Maybe that shopping trip or your errands ran over and you were planning to be home by now for feeding time, but itds not looking likely. There's no reason to worry, sit on a park bench, go in to a cafe, or even in the shopping mall and feed them in the stroller.


Whether you're at the airport, or on holiday feeding a little one can be more stressful due to not having all of your normal gear with you. You are limited to what you have packed and what's available. A stroller can be a great alternative to a high chair.  Trips, holidays, and airports can be especially difficult times due to long waits and small spaces - so having the right equipment and knowledge of what works best for your child is key.

Feeding in stroller


If you are lucky enough to still have a social life (pat on the back for you), and you are out for lunch or dinner, not all places are equipped for babies.

Or, even if they have high chairs, sometimes babies just prefer their own seat. You can feed them in the stroller with one hand and maybe afterward they may even fall asleep, bonus!

What You Need and How to Prepare

Feeding a baby in a stroller can be a tricky yet convenient way to keep your little one satisfied when you’re on the go, and learning the best practices of feeding your baby in a stroller is sure to come in handy!

To make baby-feeding while on the move as easy and stress-free as possible, try stocking up on all of the necessary baby gear before heading out. (I know more stuff to remember)

Bottle-fed babies:

If you have a newborn baby they need to feed often, so chances are you will need to do this on the go or you'd never leave the house. And this cant be done in a stroller if nursing obviously.

But for those who bottle feed, preparing a baby's bottle can be a stressful activity. When bottle feeding don't be afraid to ask for help, most people understand and have been there themselves. And for efficiency try the 3-in-1 bottles that you can use on a pump, feed, and store milk in so your ready to go.

If you have them, insulated bottle carriers are great, but not essential. Bring bottles, your formula, bibs, wet wipes, and burp cloths too.

Investing in a portable bottle warmer can save time when heating up formula and bottles.

PRO TIP! If you don't have those then you can bring some pre-sterilized boiling water, this will save time asking for it at the cafe or wherever.

Baby food

The pre-made pouches are great, they provide plenty of nutrition and can be carried around easily and brought out as and when you need them. But if you want your baby's food to be mess free, these are a little trickier

Babies on solid foods

Again bibs and wet wipes are moms must have. But as to what to bring, think "what will make the least mess?". We know kids love pasta with tomato sauce .....(WHY?????), but that will make a mess of your lovely stroller.

Messy baby

Think finger foods, dry food, wafers, and healthy bars are great for snacks. For a more filling meal, sandwiches are popular. Fruit is also a good option as can be eaten easily but again, can be messy, crushed bananas, and sitting on berries is a mom's nightmare.

Snack trays

Some strollers come with these already, but if yours doesn't don't panic, you can buy brand-specific and universal fit trays easily. For more on the best ones to buy you can check out our choice of best snack trays for strollers.

Make sure you get one that fits your stroller (whether that be a single lightweight stroller or a double travel system, there are lots to choose from. Some have a cup holder included for sippy cups, and some fit car seats too, they're are a great little accessory. We've found tons of really cool, inexpensive stroller accessories that make parenting that bit easier.

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Stroller liners

These handy inserts are a great inexpensive way to keep your stroller seat looking clean and not like you've cleaned the floor with it. Kids make a mess, it's so hard to keep things clean. A lot of these liners are reversible too - why? So you can turn it over to keep it looking nice.

This way you have peace of mind knowing that your baby is being properly nourished throughout the entire journey!

Things To Be Aware Of

Just a few reminders for you guys, when feeding babies in strollers, parents should always keep safety in mind. Babies should always be securely and comfortably propped up and remain upright while eating solids, to prevent the risk of choking.

Additionally, parents should never leave their children unattended while they are eating in their stroller and make sure to check on them frequently.

It is also important not to feed your baby too quickly or allow them to eat food that may have gotten contaminated by germs.

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Tips for Feeding on the Go - From Travel Experts

With the smarts and tricks of experienced parents at your fingertips, feeding your baby on-the-go doesn't have to be stressful.

  1. Plan ahead, easier said than done sometimes we know.
  2. Position your stroller for maximum stability - adjusting straps if able - so that your precious cargo can be comfortably fed.
  3. Make sure your snack tray is attached securely, we don't want everything to fall off.
  4. If you want your baby to fall asleep afterward, try finding a quiet corner somewhere.
  5. Choose easy-to-eat foods, nothing too messy. Think oat bars, not yogurt.
  6. Bring a spare change of clothes just in case we do spill things.
  7. Don't forget the bib and stroller liner to keep things clean. If you don't have these, use napkins or plastic bags to put underneath your baby's bottom and legs.

Alternatives places to feed babies on the go

As a parent, it can be difficult to find convenient places to feed your baby while you're out and about. Fortunately, there are lots of easy and comfortable options that don't require a stroller if you can't bring yourself to mess up that beautiful stroller you just invested in, or if your kid just doesn't like eating in theirs.

Nursing covers can provide some additional privacy for moms who wish to breastfeed in public, while baby carriers are an excellent choice for bottle feedings on the go.

You can also look for restaurants or cafes that offer high chairs or booster seats for young toddlers - these can be great spots for parents to take a break and relax while their little one enjoys their meal.

If you can plan ahead how about bringing along an easily packable blanket that you can spread over any surface - like benches or chairs - so your baby can safely settle down for meal time? If the weather is nice, consider packing up a picnic and eating al fresco! You can also bring along toys or books to keep them entertained during mealtime.

Whatever you do, feeding your baby while out and about will become easier with practice.

Baby picnic

Feeding babies in strollers and on the go FAQs

So, you've read our advice, tips, and suggestions, but you may have some burning questions still. Take a look at our FAQs, and remember other moms are always a great source of info, so ask away.

What is the safest way to feed a baby in a stroller?

The best way to ensure safety while feeding your baby in a stroller is to make sure the stroller is securely locked and that you are able to reach your child at all times. Additionally, use an upright position for bottle-feeding and keep your baby’s head elevated above their chest during meals.

Is it safe for babies when parents use toys or books to distract them from food during mealtime?

It can be helpful for parents to provide distractions such as toys or books while feeding their babies. However, it’s important not to depend on these tactics - instead focus on creating an enjoyable experience with healthy snacks and drinks tailored specifically for little ones.

What should I look for when buying food to bring while traveling with my baby?

When purchasing snacks for your little one, it’s best to opt for healthier options like mini sandwiches, diced fruits and veggies, hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks and yogurt pouches. Ensure the snacks are easy to eat on-the-go without making a mess!

Is there any way to make mealtime easier when we're out?

Yes absolutely! Investing in special plates or bowls that suction onto most surfaces can help keep meals neat and tidy even if you’re out at a restaurant or friends place. Additionally, using small snack bags for individual servings will help you better portion control meals - especially when traveling long distances.

How do I ensure my baby is safe while eating in their stroller?

To ensure safety during meal time outdoors always remember to check that your stroller is securely locked before starting. Additionally use an upright position for bottle-feeding and always keep your baby’s head elevated above their chest during meals which helps reduce choking hazards.

Is it safe for a baby to eat in a car seat?

It is not recommended that babies eat in an infant car seat, as the act of eating can cause them to slump over and possibly choke. However, if your baby is able to sit upright and safely secure their head while eating, then it may be acceptable in some cases. Try to make sure the car seat straps are secure but not too tight when not in motion and they are eating.

What are some good alternatives for feeding babies on the go?

Nursing covers, baby carriers, and high chairs or booster seats can all provide comfortable options for feeding your little one while out and about.

Additionally, infant travel bags with handles are also a great way to keep all of your baby's meals and snacks easily accessible when you're away from home.

How do I clean a messy stroller after eating?

Cleaning up after a meal in your stroller can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Start by removing any large chunks of food or debris and wiping down any removable surfaces.

If you have access to wipes designed for cleaning baby equipment, these can also be helpful in removing sticky messes or crumbs.

Once you've finished wiping down the surface, use a damp cloth to give it a final rinse. For a more detailed answer read our article on how to clean a stroller at home.

Feeding babies in strollers, yes or no?

It's possible to feed baby in a stroller, and it can be quite beneficial if you are on the go or traveling. It’s important to know how to prepare when feeding your baby in a stroller, from having the right equipment to being organized and well-stocked with snacks.

Experts have provided several tips for successfully feeding your little one on the go, but parents who are already experienced in this realm also offer valuable advice.

We hope this post has helped you understand why and how to best feed your baby in a stroller.

If you're looking for more resources or ideas, especially as it relates to snacking while out and about, we've identified our list of the top snack trays available - these may make your life a bit easier!

Until next time, take care and happy feeding.

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