Everything You Should Know About Beach Strollers to make your trip that bit easier.

Tired of carrying your little one in your arms during beach outings? Looking for an easier way to take your child on a sandy stroll with you?

Baby beach strollers are the perfect solution and we’re here to help make sure you end up with the best fit for your family! From comprehensive features to handling, it takes more than just wheels to get through sand or boardwalks.

We provide insight and advice on how to choose the right style of the stroller for the beach, what features you should be looking out for, as well as storage, mobility and maintenance tips.

Plus, we've included 10 Top Hacks for babies at the beach, as a little bonus for you. Scroll down!

We know that taking care of little ones at the beach can be stressful - but trust us when we say having a good quality stroller is key to making all those treasured memories last longer while also granting parents stress-free moments!

So buckle up mama's (and papa's) – let’s embark on this fun journey together!

Baby's on the sand

Tips For Selecting A Beach Stroller

Choosing the perfect beach stroller for all your summer needs can be a tricky endeavor - you want one that will keep your little ones comfortable and safe, even in environments like sand.

Look for strollers with all-terrain tires and large wheels for unmatched stability that won't sink in the sand. If you need a single or a double stroller, there's something for everyone.

A jogging stroller is a great option as they tend to have all-terrain tires, but anything with the right wheels and stability is good. Ever thought about a stroller wagon, that's another option.

A large canopy for extra protection from the sun is a must, and a convenient storage room for all your beach supplies.

Overall a lightweight design would be better, these won’t weigh you down and will be easier to carry across the sand if needed, as well as at the airport if you are traveling.

A large storage basket is a really helpful addition too, as you can put extra things inside like beach toys, floaties and umbrellas.

Ask yourself how important these features are to you and your family and above all else, make sure you choose one that other parents have approved (luckily we base our suggestions off real reviews) before making a purchase decision – hopefully this will guide you in finding the perfect sandy companion!

To help you we have a whole article on the best strollers for sand and we managed to narrow it down to our Top 5.

Baby at the beach

The Benefits Of Taking A Stroller To The Beach

Taking your baby on a beach vacation can be a real pleasure, but it's not without its challenges. If you're bringing your baby to the beach, one way to make your life easier is by using a beach stroller.

Not only are they incredibly convenient and save you from having to lug your heavy baby around everywhere, but they also offer protection from the sun and provide extra storage space!

With a beach stroller, your baby can take an afternoon nap in comfort in a familiar seat.

You can even store plenty of drinks and snacks for those plentiful feeding times! And with those little babies in tow, you’ll never be short on storage again (we know how much extra stuff they need).

Beach stroller

Dos And Don'ts When Using A Beach Stroller

Safety should always be top of mind when taking strollers to the beach! When deciding what to bring with you, sunscreen should come first and foremost. Always keep an eye on the temperature - it can get hot at the beach so packing accordingly is important for a pleasant day out.

A portable fan is a great little accessory to pull out when anyone is getting overheated, and you can attach them to the stroller frame easily.

A canopy on your stroller is also a must-have; not only will it keep your baby comfortable in the sun’s rays but also offer a protective space if you need somewhere to place sunscreen bottles or towels without them getting sandy.

And do remember that you should never leave a stroller unattended, especially close to the sea.

Keeping Your Stroller Clean

Keeping beach strollers clean and pristine can be a huge challenge, as anyone who has taken their little one on a trip to the beach can attest. But with a few simple steps and by following some basic guidelines, parents can keep their stroller in top-notch condition.

Start by carrying extra towels with you since dirty sand will cover your stroller almost instantly. After the kids are done playing and the stroller is covered in sand, give it a spray down with water to wash off any excess sand from the wheels and frame and don't forget to shake off the towel before storing it away again.

Also, try to not rest any wet items directly on the stroller seat - this helps minimize beach sand build-up and stains.

Following these easy tips can help parents keep their beach strollers clean during trips to the shoreline!

Fun Things To Do At The Beach With Your Child

Taking your baby to the beach is one of the most fun activities you can do! Not only are you getting a blast of Vitamin D, exercise and some fresh air, but you'll also give your baby a chance to experience the beauty that nature has to offer.

Babies love dipping their toes in the ocean, and you can hold their hand if they are standing (or hold them) and jump the waves together.

Don't forget to play games like finding sea shells and building sand castles too.

PRO TIP! You can improvise with cutlery and cups if you don't have any sand toys.

And lastly, give them a small stick and let them make marks in the sand. They'll be amazed playing with the sand, great for sensory development.

Baby playing at the beach

10 Hacks For Baby's At The Beach

  1. Invest in a swim diaper – no one wants a soggy surprise!
  2. Do not put your baby on the sand straight after applying sun lotion, it will stick to them like glue.
  3. Keep it cool: Pack an extra wide sunhat and lightweight clothing, linen is always a good option.
  4. Use a stroller with built-in shade and make sure to turn the stroller as the sun position changes.
  5. Bring a bucket and spade, but if you don't have anything, use a cup, or food container and maybe a plastic spoon.
  6. Load up on sunscreen – you don't want your baby getting fried like a fritter!
  7. Want to take a dip? Put your swimsuit on over your clothes, so you can jump right into the fun as moms don't get much time to go off and get changed.
  8. Don’t forget snacks and drinks to keep everyone energized, and bring ones that are sand proof. Think dry finger foods, nothing sticky and wet.
  9. Put spare clothes in a plastic bag, so they won't get wet and sand covered. You can then put your wet clothes in this bag afterwards.
  10. Put your phone and wallet in a separate small plastic bag or waterproof fanny pack, something that isn't the main bag. If you have older kids, they'll be in and out of the main bag a lot, and you don't want valuables getting lost and wet.

Lifes A Beach With The Right Stroller

With just a bit of research, you can select the perfect beach stroller and make your trips to the beach stress-free for everyone.

From protecting your baby from the sun’s harsh rays with an appropriate shade to keeping your stroller looking fresh with best practices – parents of babies and toddlers can truly enjoy the beach again!

Now that you know all the information, why not treat yourself and your baby to a fun day out at the beach?

Before hitting the road, check out our list of 5 best beach strollers so that you start off on the right foot!

And to ensuren your baby gets thee nap in na cool shaded space, we've found the best beach baby sleep tent.

And if you are lucky enough to be flying to the beach, then we know exactly what strollers are great for the airport and able to be taken on the plane as cargo, so take a quick look.

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Beach Stroller FAQs

We've given you our own expert advise and knowledge about sandy days at the beach and how to make them the the best they can be. But you may still have more questions, so take a look at our FAQs.

Can you take a baby stroller on the beach?

Yes, you can take a stroller onto the beach as long as it has big wheels and is suitable for sand.

What type of stroller works best on sand?

The best beach stroller will need certain features. Jogging strollers or all-terrain stroller with large, air-filled tires will work best in sand. A lightweight stroller is better as it won't sink so much in the sand.

A favorite beach stroller is the baby trend expedition, it also comes as a double jogging stroller and fits an infant car seat. Other brands like the Babyjogger and Bob Gear are advisable.

Are there any beaches that do not allow strollers?

Yes - some beaches have restrictions on wheeled vehicles such as bikes and scooters, so check before you go.

Is it safe to bring a baby to the beach in a stroller?

As long as your baby is properly covered from sun exposure, wearing sunscreen and protective clothing, and not left unattended at any time – then yes, bringing them to the beach in a well built stroller should be safe.

Do I need special equipment for taking my child to the beach in their stroller?

Not only stroller, but accessories are great too. You may want additional items such as an umbrella attachment for extra shade or netting around your child’s seating area, or a portable fan.

Should I bring extra clothes for my kids?

Yes, it's best to be prepared for any accidents or spills on the beach. Bringing an extra change of clothing is always recommended when taking children to the beach.

What should I do if my child gets too hot in the sun?

Make sure they drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks in a shaded spot. If they seem to be overheating, consider using sunscreen with a higher SPF level or umbrellas/tents while they are at the beach.

Are there special safety measures that need to be taken when swimming at the beach?

Absolutely! Always make sure your child is wearing their life vest (if age appropriate) and keep them within arm’s reach of you at all times during swimming. Supervise closely around deep water as well and don’t allow them to run along shorelines as this can lead to slips or falls near rocks or shells that may not have been visible from afar.

Are there any other items I should bring besides food, drinks, and towels?

Bring sand toys so your children can play when they have had enough swimming. Also, plenty of drinks and snacks as the beach can be thirsty work.

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