How Much Walking Will Your Kids do at Disney World?

When you think of kids going to Disney World, fun and adventure might come to mind. But one thing you may not have considered is how much walking your little ones will be doing. With all the rides, attractions, and shows in store for them, your kids’ legs are sure to get tired. That’s why it’s important for parents to know what to expect when it comes to their child’s activity levels at Disney World.

How Far Do Kids Walk?

The answer depends on the age of your child and how many days they plan on spending at the theme park. According to a study conducted by the International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), guests taking part in a full-day tour of Magic Kingdom Park walk an average of SEVEN MILES!

That breaks down into about three miles over the first half of the day and four miles during the second half.  And that doesn't even account for time spent waiting in line or riding attractions—only walking from one destination to another!

What Can Parents Do?

Here's some tips for helping those little ones.

Shoes, and More Shoes!

First and foremost, parents should make sure their children are wearing comfortable shoes with plenty of cushioning. To help keep feet feeling fresh throughout the day, consider packing a spare pair of shoes or sandals so your kid can switch up once they start feeling worn out.

Keep Checking Mom

Additionally, make sure they stay hydrated by bringing along water bottles that they can easily refill throughout their visit. It's also important that parents keep track of how long their child has been walking; if they start showing signs of fatigue, take regular breaks throughout the day so that everyone can rest up before taking in more attractions or shows.

Get A Disney Approved Stroller

It's also a good idea for families visiting Disney World to invest in a stroller that kids can ride in as a break from all the walking—or even better, bring along an electric scooter!

This way everyone can still enjoy all that Disney has to offer without having sore legs at the end of each day. Be sure to buy a stroller that meets Disney's regulations, they are strict on size!

Break up The Day

Finally, try breaking up your family's adventures into smaller chunks by exploring different parts of Disney each day rather than tackling it all in one go. This way you won't be too exhausted come nightfall—and neither will your kids!

So, Help The Little Ones Out

Exploring any theme park requires quite a bit of footwork; however, with some proper planning ahead of time, parents and kids alike can enjoy their magical vacation without having sore legs afterwards! From wearing comfortable shoes to investing in a stroller, there are plenty of ways adults can help ensure their children don't get too tired out while enjoying every attraction Disney World has to offer.

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Happy shopping, happy travels, happy children!