Two kids, tired of one falling behind? You need a stroller with a standing platform. When it comes to finding the right stroller for your child, there are many important factors to consider.

One feature that is often overlooked is the standing platform. This convenient addition provides a comfortable and secure place for your child to stand while you push them around town.
Let’s take a look at the advantages of having a stroller with a standing platform.

Why A Stroller Platform?

Having a stroller with a standing platform can be incredibly helpful for parents who have toddlers or older children who don’t want to sit in the stroller all of the time. The standing platform gives them an area to stand securely and comfortably as you move around town, which can make both you and your child more comfortable during outings.

In addition, if your child gets tired while out on an errand or walk, they can always sit down in the traditional seat without any hassle. This makes it easier for children to transition between sitting and standing without having to get out of their stroller entirely.

Lastly, many strollers with standing platforms also come with adjustable handles that allow you to customize the height of the handlebar depending on how tall you are. This helps ensure that you will be comfortable pushing your child around town no matter how tall they happen to be!

Double Stroller vs Standing Board

Strollers with standing boards and double strollers are both great options for parents looking for a versatile transportation option for their little ones.

While strollers with standing boards allow kids to take breaks from being seated in the traditional stroller configuration, double strollers cater more to families who need to transport two kids at once for a longer period of time.

Double strollers can often have two stroller seats that recline, meaning both kids can get comfortable and take a nap if needed. Whereas unless your child has mastered sleeping standing up, that's not always an option.

Caboose Or Buggy Board?


The caboose stroller might be the best choice for parents who are looking for something a little different when it comes to their little one's transportation.

This type of stroller is designed with an extra standing board in the back, so that children ages two and up can stand and ride comfortably at the same time as the younger child sits secured in a reclining seat.

Aside from adding an enjoyable level of fun for bigger kids, this standing board feature may also help to foster independence as your child takes part in their own mode of travel. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing your children are safe, but they'll enjoy being able to explore more on their own.

The best sit and stand stroller is the Joovy Caboose in our opinion. It has a bench seat and stroller seat, plusnmuch more

The Baby Trend sit n stand Ultra is also a great option, and fits two infant car seats

Check out this article that reviews the best and gives you a great comparison.

Buggy Board

Also known as stroller boards and ride-on boards, a buggy board is a standing board with wheels that attaches to the back of a stroller or pushchair, allowing your older child to stand and ride along while you push the buggy.

It is an incredibly handy and popular invention, providing parents with an easy way to keep their toddler entertained and safely restrained during short trips out. As kids grow older, standing on a buggy board lets them move around more freely, rather than having to remain seated in the stroller all the time.

And no need to worry about falling off when you are walking - most designs provide standing space (and handholds) made from strong materials that are sure to keep your child safe whenever they take a ride on the buggy board!

We have a whole article on the legendery Lascal board outlining its features and reviews.

Things You Should Look Out For And Keep In Mind

When selecting a stroller with a standing platform, there are some things you should keep in mind before making your purchase.

Weight capacity

First and foremost, make sure that the platform is stable and secure enough for your child's weight


If standing make sure the material used is ok to stand on without slipping or falling off.

Ease of access

Also, pay attention to how easy it is for your toddler or older child to get onto and off of the platform—you don’t want them struggling when trying to climb up or down!

Easy to attach

If using a stroller board, how easy is it to attach and remove at will?


Additionally, make sure that any other features included in the stroller (such as cup holders or snack trays) are easy for them to use while standing as well.


Lastly, consider how long you plan on using this kind of stroller; if you think it may be something only used occasionally, then look into one-time rental options instead of buying new!

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Quick Fact Check

1. Standing boards are for moms who are tired of saying "hurry up, come on, a few more steps" Yep, you know what I mean moms.

2. Buggy boards are great for when you have two kids and a single stroller that you've had since your first child and don't want to buy another.

3. Buggy boards can also be used as a rear seat for an older child who doesn’t want to walk if you buy one with a seat option.

4. Stroller boards come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any stroller.

5. Most boards have a weight limit of 50 pounds, so they can accommodate most kids! The Lascal Maxi has a weight limit of 66 lbs

6. Use it as a storage space: Need to carry some extra things with you? No problem! The stroller board can be used to store bags, coats, or anything else you might need.

7. Last but not least, kids love them. They can ride along feeling like a roman chariot rider, making strolls more fun for everyone!

Strollers With Standing Platforms FAQS

Now that you've read about these fabulous creations, you should know a little more about them. But you probably still have some question, maybe even more than before.

Take a look at our FAQS and get that extra reassurance before making a decision. But one things for certain, you wont be disappointed. These platforms are a parents dream.

Best brands of standing strollers?

The best brands for these type of strollers are Joovy, Graco and Baby Trend.

What makes strollers with platforms great?

Strollers with platforms offer a versatile seating option for parents and caregivers. These types of stand strollers come complete with an infant seat, and the regular front seat allowing you to transport younger children in the safest manner possible.

Some models even have a “sit n stand” feature which enables two small children to ride together: one in the infant seat and one on the platform as they are being pushed around town. This feature is especially useful when walking long distances or when having another adult walk alongside may be difficult due to space constraints.

Another great benefit of using a stroller with platforms is that it requires less space than traditional strollers because there isn’t an extra wheelbase attached beside it like many other double-seat models do.

This makes it easier for parents who are tight on storage options such as those using public transportation options like buses and subways regularly; these compact models can make more sense for these types of mothers who often travel light but still need their little ones close by during their travels!

Does the Graco Ready To Grow Stroller fit infant car seats?

Yes, Graco Ready to Grow Strollers are designed to fit infant car seats. The stroller is equipped with either two car seat adapters compatible with Graco car seats, or a Click Connect Universal Snugride Infant Car Seat Adapter that can be used with many popular infant car seat brands like Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego.

It is capable of accommodating up to two infant car seats simultaneously so you can keep your baby close while running errands. The adapters must be purchased separately but they allow a secure and simple connection without excess hardware so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety when placing them in the stroller for transport.

So there you go!

Selecting a stroller with a standing platform can provide numerous benefits when compared with traditional models—from increased comfort levels while out on walks or errands all the way up through adjustable handle heights that ensure maximum comfortability no matter how tall your little one happens to be growing!

When shopping around for one of these types of strollers, make sure that all features are secure and easy-to-use so that both parent and child can enjoy their time together outdoors safely and comfortably!

By considering these tips before purchasing one of these kinds of strollers, parents everywhere can rest assured knowing that their little ones will have plenty of fun enjoying their new ride around town!

Happy shopping, even better strolling!

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