Are you a new mom looking for a fun way to get fit and meet other moms? Why not use your little bundle of joy as motivation to get a unique workout?

Stroller workouts are growing in popularity because it enables busy mamas to multitask and be able to spend quality time with their babies whilst keeping healthy.

Whether it's relentless running or leisurely walking, stroller workouts have many benefits that can benefit both mum and baby - such as improving physical fitness, getting mental clarity from the fresh air, increasing energy levels, socializing with other parents, and creating beautiful memories.

We will look at:

The benefits of incorporating exercise into your lifestyle,

● Some helpful equipment to use,

● How to find stroller workout groups near you,

● Give you some basic exercises to get you started!

A Portable Pull-Up Bar Is Tough - But Moms Are Tougher!
A portable bar will ensure you have the time to stay fit and train, no matter how busy your day. Turn any space into a gym with these sturdy, compact, and easy-to-set-up fitness equipment options.

Get your body and mind in shape with a stroller workout.

Moms, step away from the laundry and give yourself a break with a revitalizing stroller workout! Not only will you get a much-needed break from the chores of motherhood, but by pushing your little one around in their stroller, you'll be getting in shape—both physically and mentally.

Joining the popular trend of stroller workouts is an opportunity to do something positive for both your body and mind while socializing with other moms. Enjoy the fresh air while toning your muscles and there's no better way to clear your head than a few hours of taking in some deep breaths as you stroll.

You may wish to do this alone, giving you time to chill and relax in your own head space, or you may yearn for adult conversation, there's so many options.

Meet other moms for free therapy sessions.

Are you a mom feeling tired, anxious and stressed? Stroller workouts can be an amazing way for moms to look after not only their physical health but mental health too.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get an intensive cardio session along with a free therapy session from other moms. Whether it's discussing parenting victories, commiserating during particularly trying times, or giving advice, stroller workouts provide the perfect atmosphere to engage in meaningful conversations with other moms and take part in group activities.

Stroller Meet Ups

Enjoy the outdoors and get some Vitamin D.

Push your worries away and get active outdoors. Not only will you get an energizing exercise to the tune of your little one's bubbly laughter, you can also soak up some Vitamin D from the sun. Going for a stroller ride is a great way to “get outside and get ready for the day”—just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Not just about walking, there are groups with structured stroller exercises.

Stroller workouts are not just about walking; exercising while pushing your precious bundle of joy can be an incredibly fun and effective way to stay fit.

There are now organized stroller workout classes available across the country, designed to give mums a full-body work out.

Structured exercises involve squats, lunges, arm strength training and more - and you don't need any fancy equipment either! Not only do these groups offer great exercise benefits but it's also so invigorating to get outside in the fresh air with baby.

Common challenges to overcome.

Going out for a stroller workout with your little one can be fulfilling, but it's not always an easy journey. Just leaving the house with a baby sometimes is a marathon in itself, we get it. You may plan to get out for that morning group, but your baby may have other ideas, just do your best.

Other common challenges like uneven terrain, steep hills or windy days can make it tough but isn't that half the fun?A few stretches and warm-up exercises before heading out can also help you tackle any obstacles that come your way.

With some patience and a sprinkle of pep in your step, soon enough, baby (and his/her tired mama!) will conquer every push of the jogger!

The best stroller for workouts?

Fear not! The key is to make sure you've got a good stroller. The best stroller for workouts will have all-terrain wheels, suspension, and maybe taller handles – these will get you off to a great start.

For safety, it's advisable to use a jogging stroller as these are designed to maneuver better over all-terrain and are agile enough to dodge obstacles.

It all depends on the group you join as to what stroller you need, so please ask beforehand so you are well prepared. There's no point turning up to a 5k forest run with a fragile umbrella stroller, that would be a struggle! But if your group is a gentle stroll with some squats and lunges thrown in then that could still work for you.

Our top suggestions!

Single Stroller

Our go to qwould be the BOB Gear Flex 3.0. This all-terrain jogging stroller is perfect for even the most challenging of terrains, with its superior performance due to suspension and tires, along with its agility and stability.

It provides an exceptional balance between comfort and safety, making it one of the top choices when it comes to hitting the trails with your little ones in tow.

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0

Best all-terrain jogging stroller

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Double Stroller

The BOB Gear comes as a double stroller too, and is as equally effective for exercise. Another top contender would be the BabyJogger City Mini GT2. Both have all the features required for a stable and safe journey for your little ones.

BabyJogger City Mini GT2

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Wrist straps

These helpful little things help protect your baby by keeping you strapped to the stroller. These are particularly helpful if running downhill. It means you have extra control over the stroller, and there are no runaway strollers.

How to find stroller workout groups near me?

To locate stroller workout groups near you, a great starting point is a local parenting Facebook page or chatroom. Here, you can connect with other parents and get their recommendations on which stroller workout groups they have personally attended.

Additionally, websites like Meetup are filled with stroller fitness classes and gatherings at fun local hotspots. Check them out with questions such as “where are stroller workout groups near me?”

There's a website Fit4Mom, and this allows you to easily search for stroller groups in your area too. It couldn't be easier than that.

Whatever method you use to find stroller workout groups in your area, you will soon be part of a supportive fitness community surrounded by fellow strollers!

Easy but effective stroller exercises anyone can do!

Let's turn your stroller walk into a fun "baby weight be gone" activity with these simple exercises. And who knows, your baby may enjoy the new stroller rides too.

Cardio workout

Make sure to start off gently to warm up those muscles, but then try and increase your speed into more of a power walk. Always be sure to increase your heart rate at a comfortable rate. You still have a baby to take care of so no pushing yourself to the extremes.

Lower body

Stroller strides are fun, taking larger and larger steps, and stretching out those legs. Make sure to not lean on the stroller with your weight when doing so.

Advance in to walking lunges, getting those thighs working. With your body standing tall, don't slouch over the stroller frame.

In a stationary position you can use the stroller as a balancing aid, and with your leg straight gently practice your leg raises, to the front, back and side for that buttock burn we all need!

Then in to the stroller squat, watch out for the front knee, keep your legs shoulder width apart, and squat for as many as you feel comfortable.

If you feel up to it, you can also practice those vital core and pelvic floor exercises by holding on to the stroller handle and practicing pulling up and in those lower abdomen muscles.

Upper body

Depending on your level of capability and commitment, you can do a variety of things such as push-ups/press-ups (obviously with the stroller safely parked). A good alternative would be your body slightly tilted forward against a wall or tree and push off, if you don't want to get on the floor for press-ups.

If you bring weights with you, you could do some arm bends and raises too. Weighted bracelets and anklets are a great addition to these types of exercises.

Weighted Wrist Straps

So, Stop Scrolling And Get Strolling

There you have it, a mom’s complete guide to getting fit while pushing your baby in a stroller. Stroller workouts could be just the form of exercise and fresh air for you, your little one, and your mind.

Not only will this type of exercise help keep you healthy and active, but also bonding with your baby is an added bonus. Just remember to bring proper safety equipment when you’re running with the stroller like running shoes or wrist straps, so that you can stay in control no matter how swift going downhill.

And of course don't forget to keep adequate hydration handy for both mommy and baby. It’s time to get those stroller tires rolling!

Happy strolling!

Simple stroller workout

Why Not Workout At Home Too!

A Portable Pull-Up Bar Is Tough - But Moms Are Tougher!
A portable bar will ensure you have the time to stay fit and train, no matter how busy your day. Turn any space into a gym with these sturdy, compact, and easy-to-set-up fitness equipment options.

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