Are you planning a trip to Disney with two little ones in tow?

Taking your kids to the most magical place on earth is an experience that will stay with them for life. But it can also be stressful if you don’t have the right gear. That’s why we want to help make your trip as easy and enjoyable as possible by finding the best double stroller for Disney.

We know how important it is to have a reliable and comfortable stroller when taking young children around a theme park, so we only recommend products that meet our high standards.

Check out our guide now and find our list of Disney approved double strollers.

If it's just a single stroller you need, we have already reviewed the best for Disney here.

Can I Take A Double Stroller To Disney?

Disney World is a great destination for families with young children, and it's important to make sure you have the right stroller for your visit.

While Disney does allow guests to bring their own double strollers into the parks, there are some size requirements that must be met in order to do so.

Disney Size Requirements

All double strollers should fit the Disney stroller dimensions. That is 31" wide by 52" long in order to be allowed inside the park gates.

More Disney Stroller rules

No more stroller wagons can enter Disney parks, so please do not take your stroller wagon with you, no matter the size.

Strollers are not allowed on escalators and all children must be removed from their strollers whilst using the tram.

Cast members are allowed to move strollers if they are interfering with operational needs.

If you'd like more information on their rules, you can read them here. Or you can visit the Disney website.

Why Do I Need A Stroller?

Bringing a stroller to Disney is an essential part of any family's vacation. Kids can easily walk up to seven miles a day at the various theme parks, and they get tired quickly!

Having a stroller on-hand gives kids the opportunity to take breaks throughout the day, as well as providing an invaluable source of storage space. Plus, it's a great place to store snacks, drinks and other items that your children may need during the day.

The strollers also offer a sense of familiarity for young ones who may have trouble adjusting to the hectic atmosphere of Disney World. Having their own stroller can provide a comforting environment for them and help make their visit more enjoyable.

Top Tips For Using Strollers At Disney

Going to Disney with a stroller can make life so much easier! To get the most out of this experience, here are our top 5 stroller tips.

  1. Firstly, because traffic is high, always be aware when pushing your stroller and make sure there’s plenty of distance between you and those around you.
  2. Try to make your stroller easily recognizable if possible by tying a colorful balloon or ribbon to identify it in crowded places. It's easy to get mixed up with so many about.
  3. It's every parent's best friend at the park—not only will your little ones take naps in it, but you can also stuff it full of snacks and water bottles for easy refueling throughout the day so make use of that storage space.
  4. If possible leave bulky belongings back in your hotel room otherwise seek out the special lockers located near entrances, don't ever leave valuables or children unattended in the stroller.
  5. Use zip-lock bags for dirty clothes, wet swimsuits, and snack messes so the stroller doesn't get wet, dirty and disorganized.

How Mothers Best Buys Chooses The Best

As a busy mom, you don't have the time to scroll through endless online reviews and products when it comes to finding the best double stroller for Disney.

You're overwhelmed by all of your options and don't want to waste your precious time or money researching each product. You just want something that works well and is reliable.

That's where we come in! At Mothers Best Buys, our reviewers have spent countless hours researching and reviewing the best products for your needs so you don't have to.

Our articles are designed with busy moms like you in mind - giving you everything you need in one place so that you can make an informed decision quickly and easily!

Our Top Picks!

BOB Gear Revolution Flex Duallie

Best all-terrain

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Why Parents Love This!

Get ready to hit the ground running with your two little sidekicks in tow! The BOB Gear Revolution Flex Duallie is just what active families need for everyday use or extraordinary adventures.

Impressive air-filled tires, an adjustable handlebar and a suspension system combine to keep you rolling smoothly - while compression padding ensures all-day comfort as your young adventurers explore their world from fully upright reclined seats. With the Bob Gear Revolution, there's no limit to where you can go, together!

Good to Know

Take your tiny adventurers on an unforgettable journey with this all-terrain stroller, designed just for them!

You'll never have to leave anything behind – there's plenty of room in the extra large cargo basket plus many other compartments.

Plus a five-point harness that will keep kids safe while they explore. And if you need it to be compatible with infant car seats?

No problem - thanks to its adapter feature, it's built to work across most major brands. It doesn't get better than this!***


✔️100 Weight limit

✔️Large storage

✔️ Car Seat compatible

✔️ Good suspension

✔️ All-terrain tires

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

Best For Comfort And Agility

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Why Parents Love This!

Ready to take your family on a great adventure? Look no further than the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 stroller! This complete system is equipped with all of the features needed for an exciting lifestyle.

It's forever air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension will keep you moving, even over rough terrain – while keeping baby nice and comfy.

The adjustable handlebar makes it perfect for tall parents too; plus there are four modes of use so older siblings can join in on the fun! Let's explore today! your family on the perfect adventure with Baby Jogger's patented one-step quick fold technology!

Setup and storage are a breeze, while two separate UV50+ canopies keep your kids safe from the sun no matter what. You'll be able to explore without worry knowing they're taken care of in complete comfort and style!

Good To Know

Have an adventure with your little ones any time, anywhere! The Baby Jogger City Mini is the perfect stroller for families who love to travel.

It has a weight capacity of 50 lbs per seat and can be converted into a travel system compatible with most major brands in infant car seats so you don't have to wake baby when transferring from car-to-stroller.

With 10 lb storage basket onboard, it's easy bringing along all you need on every fun outing - plus Disney approves its use at their parks and attractions too! Leave home knowing that wherever life takes your family; reliable transportation will always be there waiting.


✔️100 lbs weight limit

✔️ All-terrain tires

✔️ Full suspension

✔️ 10 lbs storage capacity

✔️Adjustable handlebar

✔️ Side by side

✔️ Car seat compatible

BabyJoy Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Best on a budget

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Why Parents Love This

Ready to embark on your next family adventure at Disney? Don't let a bulky double stroller slow you down!

BabyJoy offers the perfect solution - an ultra-lightweight 18 pound double umbrella stroller, equipped with all of the features needed for comfort and convenience.

Its easy-fold design makes it simple to store away when not in use while its spacious storage basket helps keep everything organized during those busy days out!

Plus, don’t forget about that handy cup holder so parents can stay refreshed as they enjoy their day with their baby by their side. Get your BabyJoy today and make life easier – after all you deserve it!

Good To Know

Looking for the best lightweight double stroller to make trips easy? BabyJoy has you covered! Their range of wallet-friendly options is loaded with essential features, like 360-degree lockable swivel wheels and adjustable sun canopies.

And they're super secure—the five-point harness keeps your little ones safe up to 70 pounds. So why not show them some love (and save yourself a worry) by checking out what BabyJoy has in store?



✔️ Umbrella style fold

✔️ 70 lbs weight limit

✔️ Budget friendly

✔️ Cup holder

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Stroller

Best sit and stand stroller

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Why Parents Love This!

Busy parents, take note! The Baby Trend Sit and Stand Stroller is the perfect accompaniment for time out with your little ones. Its innovative design allows them to sit or stand while they explore the world around them - giving you peace of mind that both their comfort and safety are catered for during family outings.

Plus it even comes complete with a large storage basket and 5 cupholders!, so you can bring all those essential treats along too. Get ready to make life easy again!

Good To know

Does your family have two little ones or one that's a little older? It doesn't matter. Not only does it fit two toddler seats, but you can also attach two infant car seats for additional seating, or have one sitting and one standing.

What's more, it features removable cupholders and an easy-fold design so bringing this stroller anywhere is super simple. With its high weight capacity of 50 lbs per seat - even the largest kiddos won't be too big to ride in style!


✔️Fits two car seats

✔️Cup holders

✔️Snack Tray

✔️Easy Fold

✔️Weight limit 100 lbs

Baby Trend Expedition Stroller

Best value

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Why Parents Love This!

Looking for a double stroller that is sure to provide comfort and convenience at Disney? Look no further than the Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller!

This versatile, reliable stroller features independently adjustable multi-position reclining seats to ensure each of your children can ride in their own unique level of comfort.

The ratcheting canopy offers protection from rain and sun, while the peekaboo window allows you to easily keep an eye on both kids.

Additionally, the parent tray provides a covered storage compartment and two convenient cup holders so you'll never run out of supplies during those long journeys with your little ones.

Good To Know

The Baby Trend Expedition stroller is a great choice for parents who want to ensure their children have a safe and comfortable ride.

The stroller has generously sized storage baskets that accommodate larger items, and five-point safety harnesses to make sure your little ones are secure during their trip.

This stroller is suitable for kids from 6 months up to 50 pounds in weight per child.


✔️ 50 lb per seat

✔️ Multi position recline

✔️ Cup holders

✔️ Large storage

✔️Lightweight composite wheels

Helpful Hints For Disney

Going to Disney with kids? To get the most out of your experience at Disney', here are 10 tips you'll want to consider:

  1. Dress children in layers on cooler days so you can easily remove or add coats as needed and bring spare clothes in case there are any accidents. And a rain poncho!
  2. Pack sunscreen and insect repellent.
  3. Look into packing a lightweight beach umbrella that can fit into the storage area of the stroller to provide shade;
  4. Pack games or activities that keep kids entertained while waiting in line - coloring books, and notepads are great ideas as they are light to carry.
  5. Don't forget to bring wipes for quick clean-ups.
  6. Choose a fanny pack over a large purse or bag, as this is a much more convenient way to keep your valuables safe such as phones and wallets.
  7. Don't try and do too much in one day, choose an area and plan ahead! It's a long day!

Best Double Stroller For Disney FAQs

Shopping for a double stroller can be overwhelming. With so many options and features, it's hard to know which one is the best fit for your family, then put Disney regulations on top of that, and it's a headache you don't need.

You have questions about size, weight capacity, maneuverability, storage space and more - but you don't know who to turn to for answers.

Don't worry! We've got you covered with our comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions about double strollers that will help you make an informed decision and purchase with total confidence!

Is there a size limit for taking a stroller to Disney?

Yes, the maximum allowed size for strollers at Disney is 31" (79cm) wide and 52" (132cm) long. This includes the wheels and any other attached parts. Anything larger will not be allowed through security.

Are there any restrictions on what type of stroller can be taken to Disney?

Yes, the following items are not allowed in the parks: Wagons, two-wheeled scooters, tricycles, and any other large or motorized vehicles. Additionally, all items must adhere to safety guidelines as outlined by Disney.

What is the best way to transport a stroller when visiting Disney?

The best way to transport a stroller when visiting Disney is to bring one that is easy to fold and store in the trunk of your vehicle. Additionally, collapsible umbrella-style strollers are perfect for navigating the parks and can easily be folded up when not in use.

Is there a place to store strollers at Disney?

Yes, Disney offers several stroller parking locations throughout the park so that you can take a break from pushing your stroller around. These areas offer secure storage and are clearly marked with signs so you know where to find them. Additionally, some attractions offer stroller parking right outside the entrance or exit.

Is there a fee for renting a stroller at Disney?

Yes, there is a fee associated with renting a single or double stroller from Disney. Single strollers cost $15 per day and double strollers cost $31 per day. Alternatively, you can bring your own stroller or rent one from an outside vendor for a discounted rate.

What should I do with my stroller if it rains?

If it starts to rain during your visit to Disney, the best thing to do is to find a sheltered area or covered attraction to wait out the rain.

You can also use a poncho or can use a rain cover to protect your stroller while you wait. If you do not have a rain cover, Disney sells them in select stores throughout the park.

What's the best stroller for Disney?

We have done our research, and the best for Disney World is the BOB Gear Flex, single and double stroller. The Baby Jogger City is also great option. As are a range of Baby Trend strollers. If buying a stroller for Disney, make sure you check the size first. It can't exceed 31 inches wide and 52 inches long.

What to consider when buying a stroller for Walt Disney World?

The best stroller for Disney will be a lightweight stroller, have lots of storage and be a compact stroller. Of course, they need to meet Disney's size requirements, even the best double strollers can fit if you choose wisely.

What Disney transportation is available at the parks?

At Disney Parks, guests can choose from a variety of transportation options to get around the parks. There are both traditional and magical modes of transport.

For those who prefer traditional methods of travel, there are bus services that run between the four theme parks, two water parks and select hotels. Guests can also take advantage of boat rides and ferries that travel across the waterways of the resort.

For a truly magical experience, guests can fly on hot air balloons or ride in horse-drawn carriages. No matter what mode of transportation you choose, Disney Parks will make sure your journey is unforgettable!

Is it worth renting a stroller at Disney?

It can be worth renting a stroller at Disney if you are visiting with young children.

Strollers provide convenience and comfort while navigating the parks and they can help keep little ones happy during long days of touring.

The main benefit of renting versus bringing your own is avoiding the hassle of taking up valuable space in your car or having to carry your stroller around the entire day.

But they may run out, a rental is never guaranteed.

Is 7 too old for a stroller at Disney?

No, seven is not too old for a stroller at Disney. A stroller provides a number of benefits to help make the experience more enjoyable for a seven-year-old, as well as their parents. For starters, a stroller gives families a place to store backpacks, jackets and other items while they are out exploring all day.

So, What Is The Best Stroller For Disney?

Taking your little ones to Disney can be a magical experience, but it’s important to ensure you have the right double stroller for the job. After all, there are so many options available that choosing the best one can seem overwhelming.

To make the process easier, we've provided our top picks of double strollers that will work perfectly in this environment and provide your children with comfort and convenience while they explore their favorite characters at Disney World. With any of these choices, you'll be sure to find just what you need for an enjoyable trip!

Happy strolling!

Let The Magic Begin!

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