As parents, we all know that feeling of dread when we’re out and about with our kids and they just can’t walk anymore. They’re too tired, too sore, or just plain refuse to keep going. It can be frustrating for both you and your child, so what is the solution?

Enter buggy boards; the tantrum savior of little legs! Let’s take a look at why they’re such a great invention.

Buggy Boards Take a Load Off Literal and Figurative Legs

The first thing you should know about buggy boards is that they are not actually “boards” - instead, they are platforms that attach to strollers or buggies. Plus they can be called stroller boards, stand on boards or ride along boards, all the same thing.

This platform serves as an extra spot for your little one to stand on if their legs become tired during long days out.

And the best part? You don’t have to worry about them getting lost in a crowd since they stay attached to their ride! If you have more than one child, buggy boards can also be used as a second seat if needed (just make sure it fits securely).

A Wide Variety of Options

Not only do buggy boards come in several sizes and styles, but you also have options when it comes to maneuverability. There are rigid models with fixed wheels that stay still while you push your stroller or buggy along; however, there are also models with swiveling wheels that allow for easier turns around tight corners or narrow spaces.

No matter which one you decide to use, rest assured that your little one will be safe thanks to safety features like secure straps and handles for extra protection.

Buggy Boards Can Make Life Easier For All Ages

Buggy boards aren't just useful for toddlers - older children can benefit from them too! If your child isn't quite old enough to walk long distances but is too big for the stroller, then a buggy board may be exactly what you need.

They provide an easy way for older kids who get tired easily during trips out to rest their feet without having to carry them on their back or in their arms. Plus, most models come with adjustable height settings so they can grow with your child over time!

The Best Universal Buggy Board Is ....

It is the LASCAL, the King of all universal stroller boards.

This light three-wheeler designed for umbrella strollers and travel systems is compatible across 95% of brands - such as UPPAbaby, Graco, Britax and more – while also being able to switch effortlessly between different product types. Plus you're in safe hands buying this pioneering ride-on buggy board; they've been perfecting their design since 1995!

Lascal Universal Stroller Board

Best Universal Fit

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✔️Universal fit


✔️3 wheels


✔️Weight capacity of 66 lbs

✔️Wide board for stability

Single To Double

These handy boards can be put in the cargo basket and attached as and when needed They make a single stroller convert in to a double.

Better still have you seen the sit and stand strollers? These are strollers that have a built in step or bench seat for older kids to ride on!

Double To Triple

If you're a parent of 3 young kids, then firstly we applaud you for even thinking about going out of the house (go you!).

But secondly, a stroller board like this can change a double stroller to a triple.

Inexpensive Mood Saver

This board is literally the difference between a mom losing her mind while her kid rolls around one the floor, and a calm, got it together mom (you know the ones I'm talking about) you see in the park that we all want to be.

So, make transporting two kids, or even three, through the city, supermarket and parks a breeze with a Lascal BuggyBoard!

Brand Specific Boards

As expected some of the larger known brands do have their own boards. UPPAbaby has the Piggyback board which is a great little accessory made with eco-friendly materials.

Bugaboo has their ride on board too, as does Baby Jogger, with their stroller board.

Mockingbird has its own stand up or sit down riding board too that attaches to the side too to prevent obstructing mum. clever!

Tips For Using A Buggy Board

Here are 5 tips for using a stroller ride-on board:

  1. Make sure you have the right size board for your child by checking the weight and height of your child before purchasing.
  2. Make sure it is securely attached before allowing any child to use it.
  3. Don't allow more than one child to use it at a time.
  4. Always make sure both your hands are free when pushing or steering the stroller - that way, you can stay in control while they enjoy their ride.
  5. When taking turns or going down stairs, always remember to slow down and be extra cautious - safety always comes first!

So, help a kid out today!

In conclusion, buggy boards are an amazing invention that has made life easier for both parents and kids alike. Whether your toddler needs a break from walking or your older kid needs some help getting around town, there's no doubt that buggy boards will be able to provide relief from tiring legs and frustrating tantrums!

With so many different types available on the market today - from rigid models with fixed wheels to swiveling ones with adjustable heights - there's sure to be one perfect fit for every family's needs.

So go ahead and give those little legs some much-needed rest by investing in a quality buggy board today!

Happy Strolling!

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