For parents of older kids, it can be a real struggle to keep up with their little ones. Especially when your child is too big for a stroller but still doesn't have the stamina or coordination to keep up with you on long walks. That's where stroller boards come in, but are stroller boards safe for kids?

These devices, (also known as buggy boards, or ride on boards to some) attach to the back of your stroller and allow an older child to stand or sit and ride, making life much easier for both parents and kids. But before you let your little one hop on board, you need to know if stroller boards are safe?

Yes! Probably not so much in the early days when they were releatively new, or in the 1960's if your mom was being pulled along on a skateboard! But these boards are amazingly designed!
Plus, kids love them! They look cool and add a little excitement to a normally tedious walk.
Riding boards are fun and safe

Safety First

The short answer is yes—stroller boards are safe as long as they are used properly. That means making sure the board is securely attached to the frame of the stroller and that all straps are fastened tight.

Every model of stroller board has different weight limits and safety instructions, so be sure to read all directions carefully before use.

Additionally, make sure that your child is wearing shoes with non-slip soles while riding on the board—this will help them stay upright as they ride.

It's also important to remember that while a stroller board can help prevent falls while walking on flat surfaces, it won't do much good over rough terrain or on stairs. If you're planning on taking your little one out somewhere where there might be a lot of uneven ground or staircases, consider bringing along some sort of extra support like a backpack carrier or harness. This way, your child will be able to get around easily without risking injury.

TIPS! Don't use if the child isn't feeling well. They may not have the balance to stay on.

Best Of The Boards

There's so may different ones to choose from, but which are the best stroller boards. It will depend on your stroller. Does your stroller brand make their own board? If so that's your best bet as you know it will fit well and be secure and safe.

Brand's such as Mockingbird, UPPABaby and Baby Jogger all have their own.

Mockingbird's stroller board

This perfectly designed board attaches to the stroller at the side so it doesn't get in the way of mom's feet! Most stroller boards attach to the center of the frame, and can be obstructive. It has a weight capacity of 55lbs so great for older kids and is very affordable.

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UPPABaby's buggy board

This board is made perfectly for their gorgeous strollers and is made from eco friendly wood for those sustainably conscious moms. Here's our article highlighting the best triple strollers, including double strollers that have their own buggy boards.

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BabyJogger and Evenflo stroller rider board

These two boards are also a great option if you have the Baby Jogger or Evenflo branded stroller. See our article above.

Universal Stroller Board

If not, then you may need a universal stroller board, meaning it can fit any model of stroller. Our favorite brand for universal stroller boards is the Lascal. This is the best stroller board that fits all strollers in our opinion!

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More Than One Rider?

Yes, the stroller board can make a single stroller into a double, or even a double stroller into a triple. But can you make it a quad?

If you're planning on using a stroller boards for multiple kids at once (for example, if both children are too big for a double stroller), first check the manufacturer's guidelines as this may be prohibited and be too much strain on the stroller's frame.

If allowed, ensure that each child has enough room and stability before taking off down the street. It's best to err on the side of caution here—two children standing side-by-side may look cute in photos but could prove dangerous in real life!

Anything on wheels adds a little fun!

Stroller boards can definitely make life easier for parents of older children who have outgrown traditional strollers but aren't quite ready for their own set of wheels yet.

However, it's important to remember that these devices should always be used safely and responsibly—that means following all instructions carefully and using extra caution when navigating rough terrain or stairs. With proper care and attention, you can feel confident knowing that your little one is secure while riding along in style!

TIP! Always adhere to the weight limit on these boards to avoid injuries and damage to the board too.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Safety of Stroller Riding Boards

Here's some FAQs to put your mind at rest a little more.

Are stroller riding boards safe for children to use?

Yes, stroller riding boards are generally considered safe for children to use. They are designed to hold the weight of a child and attach securely to the stroller. However, it's vital to ensure that the riding board is correctly installed and used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

What is the appropriate age for a child to use a stroller riding board?

Typically, stroller riding boards are suitable for children from 2 years old to 5 years old. However, this can depend on the child's physical development and balance. Always check the manufacturer's age and weight guidelines.

Can a stroller tip over due to the weight on the riding board?

While it's rare, a stroller can tip over if the child on the riding board is significantly heavier than the child in the stroller, or if the child on the board leans too far to one side. It's recommended to use a stroller that is stable and robust enough to handle the weight distribution.

Is it safe for a child to stand on the riding board while the stroller is in motion?

Yes, it's safe for a child to stand on the riding board while the stroller is moving. However, parents should ensure that the child holds onto the stroller's handle and doesn't lean or sway excessively while the stroller is in motion.

Are there safety features to look for in a stroller riding board?

Yes, there are several safety features to consider when purchasing a stroller riding board. Non-slip surfaces can help prevent falls and a safety strap or harness can ensure the child stays in place. Also, consider boards with wheel suspension for smoother rides and ones that attach securely to your specific stroller model.

Tired tantrums 

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